Kalyskah: Vicious Seed


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Kalyskah is an ancient vampire who has for centuries transmitted her arcane knowledge to a coven of very powerful witches, in order to form a group to maintain the balance between the elements. But their days of peace perished when Amara, the necromancer, for no apparent reason used the power of the Vicious Seed to curse the beautiful Evelyn, a witch who controls the element of earth. This transgression resulted in the expulsion of Amara, which in an impetus hate allied with an enemy whose name had been forgotten for centuries. Said enemy is Laver, Kalyskah’s brother in blood. He prepared a trap in the woods to catch the mages as they went on a journey to fix the only cauldron strong enough to withstand the power of the spell that would heal Evelyn.


Discover the open world of Kalyskah: Vicious Seed and find interesting places, items and NPCs that need your help. The NPCs will offer you quests. After completing them you will find yourself in a situation where you can choose to try to have sex with the NPC (If this will not work it will maybe work after the next quest for the same NPC) or take your reward (EXP, items, gold). When Kalyskah has sex, you can manually move your mouse to move the most important part of the body for a particular pose. If this is to much work for you, you can also set it to auto. Your goal is to get the NPC to its orgasm. There will be certain rewards for that. You can also experience the main story line. Suck blood from your enemies and spend it to perform special abilities. You will gain experience points after defeating an enemy in order to level up.

Skill system
You can level up and learn new abilities. This will alter the gameplay bit by bit. Not only can you unlock new skills, but you can upgrade them as well. You will be able to change the attributes like the cast speed, projectile speed and damage just to mention some examples. This can result in a rapid gameplay.


The protagonists will have sex at their own will. They will be in control of the situation all the time. But that doesn’t mean that the sex can’t be rough sometimes! A very important feature will be that you can choose what kind of fetish you want to see. That means you can pick some of them, all, or even none! If you choose none, the game becomes a usual third person RPG without any sexual content. The list of fetishes down below can expand anytime as we get more ideas that we could manage to implement in the game. Following fetishes are planed to be included in the game.

Female friendly
We want to know what kind of sexual things turn women on the most. We will then give our best to make it enjoyable for you. So girls, your likings and ideas are very welcome!

No sex at all. This will only show erotic animations like kissing, or the exchange of caresses in a very provocative way.

Things that can hurt a little bit. It looks brutal.

Animals want love too!

Hardcore fisting action. It’s better to be loose! Both vaginal and anal is possible.

Girl with girl. Girl with dryad-girl. Girl with whatevertypeoffemaleenemieswewillhave-girl.

I personally think that this kind of fetish is overused in Japanese hentai. But at the same time it is actually a nice thing. So I’m okay with it when we make some of you people happy with that.

Group sex
So imagine Kalyskah is having sex with an enemy. Thats nice, right? But then suddenly another enemy appears and join the party from behind! Even better!


  • 100% uncensored.

  • This game will be free to play. You will never pay anything, except you support us on patreon.com.

  • Kalyskah can seduce the opponent if she wants to. Depending on her lust-level she will let the monster do the deed or surrender to the satisfaction. Both ways have different animations.

  • When a monster hits Kalyskah, her clothes will get damaged and you can see more of her naked body.

  • Physics for breasts and maybe even other body parts.

  • Kalyskah will become stronger and gain different skills when her level increases.