Kalyskah - The third person RPG

We've brainstormed about how we could make the game a better experience for all of you guys out there and for us as well. We also took all your feedback into account. We've decided to make Kalyskah a much bigger game and turn it into a third person RPG. This way the game is not linear anymore and can be enjoyed by a much bigger variety of players. You can now discover an open world with day and night cycle, solve quests and have sex with a lot of NPCs and creatures.

Talking about sex, we have build a new system for that.

Let's say that you meet a NPC that is missing its husband for 2 days. You decide to help and seek for the husband in the wood where he went 2 days ago. With your vampire senses you will find a trace that lead to a place where he has brought by a monster. If you follow the trace, you encounter the monster and the husband. You can now save him or let him die. If he dies, you can still kill the monster, or charm it to have sex with it. And yes, you can kill it afterwards as well. If you save the husband, you can ask him to have sex with you after you got your reward which could be items, gold and EXP. If your seduce skill is high enough he will agree to have sex with you. Now you only need to choose either to make out with him in his house secretly or in the middle of the woods where you both are right now. During the act you can stimulate Kalyskah or the husband, you choose who you want, with your hand that is controlled by your mouse. You can skip this at any time. After that you can start sexual interactions with both characters. You can either use your mouse to move the hips for example, back and forth, or set it to auto. You can set both characters transparent or invisible. You can choose different poses. There will be several locations to choose from inside the house where you can have sex. When the pleasure bar is full, both characters will have their orgasm. You will be rewarded for that with EXP and maybe even items, or gold.

Kalyskah will have the ability to adopt a female NPC's appearance after she had an orgasm with her. This will only work with female characters for now.

Since the game is third person now, we changed the combat system.

You can now target your enemy. This will let you attack into the right direction automatically. When you don't want to use targeting, you will attack into the direction you are looking at when in fighting stance. You can dodge attacks and use skills to defeat your opponent. Defeating an enemy will earn you EXP. When you level up you can learn new abilities and improve your attributes. There will be bosses you can defeat to earn special rewards.

You will also be able to get several clothes for Kalyskah.

As for those who wanted to support us on Patreon but don't have a credit card, you now are able to use PayPal as well. Thank you for giving us improved development powers!

What do you think about all the new changes?