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Working on a new boss

Hey guys. 'Stark', who joined our team to create nice creatures is working on this huge goblin. At least we call him goblin. Maybe such huge goblins doen't even exist. But who cares? :) This huge dirty thing will be some kind of a boss. He is enslaved by the small goblins. Regardless of the sense of it's existence, what do you think about the design?
- Working on a new boss

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Lesbian animations

Hey guys our animator is back at work again! He is creating some nice lesbian action for us. You will be able to change the roles of the girls. Means you can choose who is on top.
- Lesbian animations

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Do you like these kind of animations?

Guys I need your opinion! Do you like interactions with objects that have no meaning to the story of the game? Like sitting on a chair or lying on a bed. We want to add things like that to Kalyskah and I wanted to hear your thoughts about it.
- Do you like these kind of animations?

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Face rig

Right now we are working on the new rig for the updated Kalyskah body that you can see in our current demo. This will allow us to create better animations.
- Face rig

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100 Patrons

We now have over 100 Patrons! This is so great. :) Thank you all so muuuch! With your help we were able to create a better game. We've also released an updated free version with a new body model for Kalyskah and the male NPC. You can download it right now.
- 100 Patrons

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First RPG demo released

Guys! We've released the first Kalyskah RPG demo! Version Alpha 0.2.0. Watch the new trailer $10+ Patrons can download it here
- First RPG demo released

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new door shader unreal engine

Shiny door

Some shaders of certain asset packages we bought didn't look good enough for me. So I decided to improve some of the worst shaders. Here is an example of what came out. The door looks much more alive, ALIIIVE!
- Shiny door

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