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100 Patrons

We now have over 100 Patrons! This is so great. :) Thank you all so muuuch! With your help we were able to create a better game. We've also released an updated free version with a new body model for Kalyskah and the male NPC. You can download it right now.
- 100 Patrons

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First RPG demo released

Guys! We've released the first Kalyskah RPG demo! Version Alpha 0.2.0. Watch the new trailer $10+ Patrons can download it here
- First RPG demo released

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new door shader unreal engine

Shiny door

Some shaders of certain asset packages we bought didn't look good enough for me. So I decided to improve some of the worst shaders. Here is an example of what came out. The door looks much more alive, ALIIIVE!
- Shiny door

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New game engine version

Sweeeet, a new update for the Unreal Engine has been released. 4.14. We will update our game to that version after we've released the next demo of Kalyskah, which will be soon. If you are interested in the engine update details, check this link.
- New game engine version

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Join our chat!

Hey guys, we are really confident that the next demo release is around the corner! But there are still some things to do before we can let you play with Kalyskah. ;) If you want to talk with us about the game and other things, I invite you to join this chat on Discord: We may show you pictures of the development progress that you will not see elsewhere.
- Join our chat!

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Looking for an additional animator

Hey guys. We are looking for an additional animator for our adult themed game. You have to use blender because this is where our constraints are set up, but even if you are used to another animation software our lead animator will introduce you to the workflow you will need to be able to animate our characters in blender. If you are interested, use the contact tab on our website or write a message below.
- Looking for an additional animator

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