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First single animation demo for public

Hey guys! You now can download our first single animation demo for free. It shows off one animation with some extra stuff like different cameras and one interaction that you can make. You will find the download link here: Patrons can access more recent single animation demos. Have fun!
- First single animation demo for public

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Missionary animation

A message from our animator. Hello everyone! Corintio here. I did the first loop that people voted to be on the first scene of the game. It’s not in unreal engine yet because Vergil is still working on the dungeon level. I hope you like it =D webm: gfycat:
- Missionary animation

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Since the winner of our very first poll are the tentacles, Corintio began to work on it. He will be away for some days but he didn't wanted to go without giving you a little gift which is the pic above. He was thinking about making a hardcore and a softer, more passionate version of the tentacle animation. But he wants to hear your opinion to know from where to start. We are also interested to know about our female
- Tentacles

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Looking for animator

Hey guys we are looking for an additional animator for our game Kalyskah! We are able to pay you. You can use any software for your animations as long as it exports in fbx format. We need you for all kind of animations, also the kinky ones. So if you also like sexual content in games then you will feel right at home. If you are interested just leave me a PM and we talk about the details. Btw, we've
- Looking for animator

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Casual clothes for Kaly

Just wanted you to show how Kaly looks in casual clothes. This will not appear in the game, this is just for fun. :) You can have a look at other outfits here:
- Casual clothes for Kaly

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